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The Better Punter is a professional and profitable tipping community group. Founded in 2016, we started as a small tipping group but have since grown into one of Australia’s premium tipping pages with elite tipsters and industry professionals providing our clients with result after result, just check out our result page & testimonials for yourself…

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For many of us, horse racing is more than just a passing interest or hobby – it’s a lifelong passion, and even a way-of-life. Once you’ve become familiar with the industry, it’s very possible to take a careful, thoughtful and deliberate approach to betting in order to gain consistent victories over the bookmakers and enjoy regular profits. If you’ve reached the point in your betting journey when a regular turnover of minor profits is starting to be your reality, the next step should be to start taking a look at the various horse racing tipping services that exist. Everybody knows that professional horse racing tipscan completely revolutionise an individual’s betting experience, transforming them from a casual better who enjoys relatively consistent success to a serious better who makes regular and considerable profits.


And the reason that the best horse racing tipping services are so effective when it comes to enabling their customers to achieve exceptional results is down primarily to one thing: the expertise, experience and superior levels of insight provided by the very best professional horse racing tipsters.


Expert Horse Racing Tipsters

 Traditionally, professional horse racing tipsters would be insiders in the horse racing industry who had both knowledge and experience of the sport combined with insider information that wasn’t readily accessible to ordinary members of the public. This would allow them to have the very best chance possible of predicting the outcomes of races; and, whilst of course they weren’t right every time, the best tipsters would be correct regularly enough to be highly regarded in their community – meaning people would come to them before placing a bet in order to give themselves the best chance of success.

In return for professional horse racing tips, people would generally informally barter and trade. And over time, people were able to make consistent profits by working alongside their favourite tipsters on a regular basis. Today, when it comes to getting professional horse racing tips, Australia offers more formal, official options. When you choose to work with a professional tipping agency, you simply pay an agreed amount in return for accessing all of the expert horse racing tipsters. Then, you – along with everyone else who is signed up to the agency – place your bet on the horse the tipster has recommended. Over time, steady profits can be attained.


Pro Horse Racing Tipping Services throughout Europe

 Here at The Better Punter, we’ve built an outstanding reputation for providing the best horse racing tips that yield exceptional results for our customers. After starting out in 2016 as a small group of like-minded horse racing fans who were keen to combine their knowledge and experience to attain sustainable long-term profits, we’ve grown into one of Australia’s leading and most trusted tipping agencies, providing some of the most reliable and profitable professional horse racing tips Worldwide. Unlike some tipping agencies, we work on a commission only basis, so our customers only ever have to pay on those occasions when their bets win. And because we believe in giving our customers maximum control over the betting process, we’re always happy for individuals to choose to place bets at bookmakers of their choice – and to hunt around to try and find the best odds.


The only requirement when you choose us for pro horse racing tips is that you do your very best to bet according to our experts’ recommendations on each race. As long as you can do that, you can rest assured you’ll be able to join the many other horse racing enthusiasts across Australia who have enjoyed investing in Europe &  making significant gains with the help of our experts. Just get in touch with a member of our friendly and professional team today to find out more information about our online tipping services specifically designed for Europe.

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Our Experts

  • Aussie Gun

    Welcome my friend to E Racing, the service where records are broken, prices are smashed, tears are a plenty but profits are flowing. We are out here to help everyday blokes like you and I to have a real possibility to make a 2nd income from punting. Something only 3% of punters are able to master.

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    Combine value, a solid strike rate & ROI with a discipline staking system and you have a well oiled machine that puts bookies to the wall year in year out.  Having years of proven results is something that very few Tipsters can show off, being a huge reason why he’s the best out there.


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  • Roughie King

    Our British Leading Edge Professional Horse Tipster is revered by colleagues and feared by Bookies. He’s a racing Genius, beating the market week in week out. His form knowledge and contacts  is second to none and he is very much in tune with Britain’s most knowledgeable punting consultants.

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    The Better Punter is proud to announce that we have access to the most valuable, sensitive and sought after racing intelligence straight from owners, trainers and other well-connected insiders. Our Pro Gambler Spy infiltrated these so-called insiders to get first hand access to the most valuable inside information we’ve ever come across in the last decade.

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