The Best Horse Racing Tipsters in Australia

If you enjoy watching and placing bets on horse racing events, you’ll undoubtedly be aware of just how successful it’s possible to become at beating the bookmakers and making regular profits – lots of people do it, and all it requires is a thorough knowledge of the sport and the industry along with a methodical, calculated approach to betting. When it comes to developing such an approach and returning consistent profits from your bets, deciding to work with top horse racing tipsters is one of the best things you can do. A lot of people get to a point where they’re starting to make small profits on a semi-regular basis, but don’t know how to get from this starting point to becoming someone who can consistently attain great profits from their bets.


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By working with top horse racing tipsters, such individuals can transform their approach to betting and start to see regular profits. Traditionally tipsters have been people who happen, for whatever reason, to have inside knowledge of both the horse racing industry and the betting industry, making them well placed to predict the outcomes of events – and to tell a safe and sensible bet from an overly risky one. By combining their knowledge and experience of betting with their superior insights into the racing industry, they’re able to provide their customers with reliable ‘tips’ regarding who they should be betting for in upcoming events.


In the past, the best horse racing tipsters would generally barter and trade with their customers in order to ensure that the exchange was mutually beneficial. The better would provide a product or service for the tipster in return for their insights and advice, and the whole process was highly informal, confusing and unreliable. Today, tipping agencies exist which make it easy for customers to access the very best horse racing tipsters Australia has to offer – and, thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to access the services of such agencies without even having to leave the comfort of your own home!


Our Top Horse Racing Tipsters

 When it comes to finding the best horse racing tipsters in Australia, you need look no further. Here at Calculated Gamblers, we started out as a small community of horse racing and betting enthusiasts back in 2016; and, since then, we’ve grown into one of Australia’s largest and most reputable horse racing tipping agencies.


The way it works is simple: just sign up to our agency and you’ll receive high-quality, reliable tips from Australia’s very best horse racing tipsters delivered strait to your online account. All you have to do is make sure that you’re checking your account regularly so that you’re placing all the bets your tipster is recommending. If you do so, you and your fellow betters will enjoy exceptional, long-term returns on your investments.


And because we believe that the customer experience should be at the forefront of everything a successful tipping agency does, we do more than any other agency in Australia to give our customers maximum control over the process and the highest possible profits. Unlike many tipping agencies, we operate solely on commissions – so you’ll only be paying for our services when they’re helping you make profits. If you lose a bet, you don’t have to pay.


Furthermore, while we do require our partners to do absolutely everything they can to ensure they place every bet the tipsters recommend, you’ll retain total freedom to decide for yourself which bookmaker you wish to bet with, and to seek out the very best odds you can find.


For more information, just get in touch with a member of the team today. We also have a team of experts in tipsters in Melbourne & Sydney that can provide you with the best horse betting tips.

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  • Long - Term Genius

    Welcome my friend to Immortal Racing, the service where records are broken, prices are smashed, tears are a plenty but profits are flowing. This service will be our UK followers a complete fix for their Horse Racing Investments. Un-seen results with regular winners over the 20/1 price. Only issue you’ll have with this service is keeping an account open!

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  • UK Customers ONLY

    Combine value, a solid strike rate & ROI with a discipline staking system and you have a well oiled machine that puts bookies to the wall year in year out.  Having years of proven results is something that very few Tipsters can show off, being a huge reason why he’s the best out there.


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  • Roughie King

    Our British Leading Edge Professional Horse Tipster is revered by colleagues and feared by Bookies. He’s a racing Genius, beating the market week in week out. His form knowledge and contacts  is second to none and he is very much in tune with Britain’s most knowledgeable punting consultants.

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