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When and How do i receive Tips?

Once you have chosen the tipster/s you want to follow, you will be added to a whatsapp group chat whereby the tips are sent out. For some tipsters, they are sent out via other methods such as Twitter but as a majority, posted in the whatsapp chat.

Each Tipster’s publish time is each to their own but we aim to send the tips out with the most notice and convenience to everyone. You will never be rushed to place a bet or have any late notice tips.

How many Tips are sent per day?

Each Tipster has different outlays so please refer to their individual page to get a grasp on the outlay to expect.

What happens if we dont get the same odds or miss a bet?

As we all know, its tremendously difficult for all clients to attain the same odds as we send the investment out at so we have no unrealistic expectation of this. All we hope for is that you do your best effort to secure the best odds with the best bookie. We strive to give as much notice as possible so its hard for you to miss a bet. Obviously sometimes life gets in the way and its a major inconvenience to all of us if you do miss an investment so we encourage all clients to allocate the desired time per day to secure the bets in time.

Do we have any lock-in contracts? Can i change over tipsters?

This is an important topic that all TBP clients need to be aware of. Each tipster is completely separate to each other. They run their own service, get paid separately and do everything on their own terms. If you dont enjoy the tipster/service you’re following, you cannot assume you can start up on another TBP tipster and continue with the same P/L as the last. For example if you lose $200 on the first week following the UK Flat Stakes Pro and you want to swap to VIC/NSW Tipster, you’ll need to start with a fresh bankroll.

You are more than welcome to follow multiple tipsters, in-fact we encourage it! However, you will need to have a seperate bankroll for each service. You pay commissions based on each service.

What is the minimum bankroll that i can use following a tipster?

As much as we’d love to involve everyone of all levels in the community, we have to set a restriction in place as our services are limited. This is set at 5k per tipster.


Within that bankroll, you will learn how we advise you to stake on the bets to maximise your profits.

If i don't like the horse that the tipster has chosen or dont want to bet as much as advised can i choose not to follow that bet?

The nature of our business is that we will show you how to win long-term and in doing so, do all the hard work for you. Thereby, we need all clients to bet exactly what we advise. We make it as simple as possible for our clients to win so all we ask for is you place the bets with the unit allocation shown. If you are wondering the reasoning of the tips, most tipsters will be able to let you know reasoning for the investment.

How do i get started?

You simply fill out the Join Now then one of the TBP admin we be in touch via phone and answer any questions then hopefully get you set up for the next days racing!

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