Dear all,

Our Business is run in a manner that we hope is fairly straight forward to the majority of you. This will provide a summary to potential & current customers of how our system works!

1.   The first step to joining TBP is making sure you’re in the financial position to be able to follow our services. We do need a 5k AUD (2800 quid) bankroll as a minimum to follow one of our service’s. This is due to our limited resources so we have to put a restriction in place. As much as we’d love everyone to be apart of this journey we just cant.


2.  Work out which tipster suits you the best. Whether you’re after the most profit / regular wins / highest ROI / it doesn’t bother us. Each Tipster in TBP has detailed stats on each page so feel free to dissect each graph and work out exactly who best suits your needs. You may follow more than one tipster as long as you have the bankroll for each service.





3. Once you’re ready to kick things off, it’s as simple as submitting the Join Now form and one of the TBP team will reach out to you to get the ball rolling. We’ll also have a discussion about any further questions you have on the phone.


4. If all’s good – You will then be added to the private ‘Whatsapp’ group for the specific tipster where all other members of the service are and you’ll be welcomed to the awesome community we’re lucky enough to have. You’ll also be added to the Google Sheet and given a members login account to our website.

5. As per your knowledge – you’ll then know when to expect tips to be released. This varies with each tipster. Once they are posted, members will be notified in the Whatsapp chat. From there you are to login to the website and view the tips.

6. You are then required to place the bets as per the strict unit staking advised using your desired bookmaker. The TBP team will explain this step further on the phone.

7. At the end of the race day, you are to fill in our google sheet with your profit/loss from the day. At the end of the month, assuming it’s a positive one and you’re up overall, you’ll see a commission figure that is owed to TBP. Sort that out then repeat!

Hopefully doesn’t sound too overwhelming but that’s the whole process to follow our business. No catches or anything else you need to worry about.

Look forward to speaking to you soon.

The TBP team.

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