We are excited to announce the industry first, commission only professional horse tipping platform. Our concept is to give power to the punter rather than the tipster and together should work to earn money. Our services are more suited for serious punters and therefore can’t cater to everyone. But best of it all, you don’t pay until you win following our tips. This is one of the most exciting developments in the Industry of Pro Horse Tipping.

No Monthly Membership Fees – No Upfront Fees – Plenty of Notice – Long-Term Profits – Bankroll Management Guidance – Friendly Group Chat with the Followers – 100% Results Transparency – No Lock-In Contracts



Our team at Calculated Gamblers have secured an influential and dominant force in European Racing to be apart of our team.

Stephen uses a detailed ratings system along with a cleverly devised staking method to guide our clients to a 2nd income from punting.

Combine value, a solid strike rate & ROI with a discipline staking system and you have a well oiled machine that puts bookies to the wall year in year out. Having years of proven results is something that very few Tipsters can show off, being a huge reason why he’s the best out there.

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Our British Leading Edge Professional Horse Tipster is revered by colleagues and feared by Bookies. He’s a racing Genius, beating the market week in week out. His form knowledge and contacts is second to none and he is very much in tune with Britain’s most knowledgeable punting consultants.

The Tips are sent out with plenty of notice to secure the best fixed odds possible. Long Term record is available and further enforces his dominance in the industry. We do have a limited audience following these tips so don’t mess around and get in touch!

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Welcome my friend to Immortal Racing, the service where records are broken, prices are smashed, tears are a plenty but profits are flowing.

Grant’s long-shots are unprecedented delivery of consistency and return. You’ll be sent selections each evening that are thoroughly researched with detailed explanations, justification and analysis so you can be assured of the authenticity of Grant’s selections. This will be allow to achieve everyone’s goal in truly beating the bookies.

If you’re ready for the raw excitement of backing long-odds runners then give us a crack.

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